Extra Information on Down, The Ultimate Soft, Lightweight, Natural Insulator

No product on earth, natural or man made has the soft, lightweight, insulating properties of natural down.  For those who wish to know more about down, one of nature's great bounties, we provide additional information below.

What is Fill Power?

Once the down has been separated, cleaned and sterilized, it is sorted by fill power.  We determine fill power by calculating the number of cubic inches per ounce of down.  The 'fluffier' the down, the greater the fill power.  The very finest down has a fill power of 750 cubic inches per ounce (very rare and extremely expensive), and the lowest is around 300 cubic inches per ounce.  Phoenix Down fill powers are 550 or greater (also very high quality, but more reasonably priced) in our pillows and comforters, in order to ensure a product that is soft, light and resilient.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count equals the number of threads per square inch.  Phoenix Down uses only 100% cotton fabric, with high thread counts ranging from 230 to 720 threads per square inch.  The higher thread count signifies a tighter weave for a softer feel to the fabric.

What is a Baffle?

Baffled Box Construction - the stitching pattern of the comforter is not stitched directly through the fabric.  A perpendicular wall of fabric, or a baffle is sewn inside the comforter, from the top to the bottom.  This baffled wall allows the down to expand to its fullest potential for the highest 'loft', eliminating cold spots.