About Phoenix Down Products

The Luxury & Comfort you deserve from our line of High Quality Bedding

Down is the layer of fine feathers found underneath the outer feathers of adult ducks, geese, and other water birds. These feathers provide birds with warmth and insulation, which is especially important in water and colder climates. It is because of this insulation property that our superior comforters, pillows, duvet covers, and feather beds are made with down. In addition to the insulating properties of down, it is lightweight and thus cooler in warm weather. These attributes make down a very desirable choice for bedding and comfort. 

In addition to natural down, Phoenix Down Corp. offers down alternatives. Down alternatives are generally made with polyester fibers that mimic the loft and insulation of natural down. For some people, the preference of synthetic down stems from a reduction in allergens, lower cost, and easier care. However, our high quality down products rarely aggravate allergies and provide superior warmth. The choice is yours.

Phoenix Down New Jersey Office

US Headquarters

Carlstadt, New Jersey, USA

Phoenix Down operates out of our Northern New Jersey facility where our distribution center and corporate offices are located.

Phoenix Down - China Office

Overseas Manufacturing Facility

Shaoxing, Zhejiang - China

Phoenix Down also operates out of a state of the art 750,000 square foot facility located in Shaoxing, China. This facility allows our product to be sold as FOB to any port in the United States as well as FOB Shanghai for container quantities. This Strategic location also allows us to offer West Coast distribution for large programs.