What is down?

Down is the soft undercoating of waterfowl, consisting of numerous light, fluffy filaments growing from a quill point, but without the quill shaft.

What are feathers?

Feathers are the plumage or out-growth forming the contour and external covering of fowl. Feathers are characterized by a horny central shaft or quill from which filaments seminate.

Are Phoenix Down products hypo-allergenic?

Yes. All of our down and feather products are hypo-allergenic as a result of our revolutionary Ultra Clean™ cleaning process that removes all dirt, dust and other impurities that can be found in most down products.

How is our down cleaned?

Phoenix Down washes its feathers and down 8-10 times with special antibacterial agents before they are used in any of our products. Our strict standards are much higher then the standards required by the government. Our rigorous cleaning process removes all dirt and dust creating products that are consumer friendly.

What is Fill Power?

Fill power is the number of cubic inches per ounce of down. Fill power ranges from 300-750 cubic inches per ounce. Phoenix Down uses a fill power of 550 or higher. Our fill power insures that our products are soft, light resilient, warm and fluffy.

What is a baffle?

Baffled Box construction– the stitching pattern of the comforter is not sewn directly through the fabric. A perpendicular wall of fabric, or a baffle is sewn inside the comforter from the top to bottom. This baffled wall allows the down to expand to its fullest potential for the highest loft with no cold spots.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count equals the number of threads per square inch. Phoenix Down uses thread counts from 230-720 threads per square inch. The higher thread signifies a tighter weave for a softer feel to the fabric.

How do I store my down products?

Comforters and pillows should be stored in a loose, breathable bag. 

All products are inspected and packaged in the USA.