Compartment Pillow

Our Compartment Pillow provides Down-like feel, but at a fraction of the cost. Its unique construction consists of 4 individual layers, separated by cotton fabric with firm feathers at the core. Next, we surround the feathers by white down.

Our Compartment Pillow feels more like a higher priced full Down pillow, but is actually 20% Down in total. In effect, it is the best value for money bedding product on offer.

3 Compartments
Outer - White Down / Center - White Feathers.
300 Thread Count Damask Cover.

$55.00 each

300 Thread Count 80% White Feathers and 20% White Down
Damask Cover.
Machine Washable.

Outer Center Outer Total Weight
Standard 2 OZ White Down 30 OZ White Feather 2 OZ White Down 34 OZ
Queen 3 OZ White Down 34 OZ White Feather 3 OZ White Down 40 OZ
King 3.5 OZ White Down 38 OZ White Feather 3.5 OZ White Down 45 OZ